Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pinterest...You're My Obsession.

I think I have an addictive personality.  It's like I become involved in things and then they become all I can think about. I become obsessed.  For a while there I became so obsessed with some of Facebook's games.  Things that I had to go back to in a few hours like farms and eggs and crap that do not matter in real life to me.  No offense to those who are currently obsessed with these games.  But with my addictive personality I was getting to the point where I was willing to spend actual money to go farther in these meaningless games.  What an idiot. What a maroon.

Not so recently ago I got involved in  I guess you could say that tumblr a combination of something between pinterest and having your own blog, but instead of repinning things, people reblog them.  People have tumblrs for everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  There's tumblrs for photography, TV shows, musicians, artists, name it there is a tumblr for it.  Most of them are considered picture tumblr blogs where basically people post more pictures than actually blogging.  I created two different tumblr blogs.  The first one was basically reblogs of things I liked from images of pretty things to geeky stuff that I thought was cool.  It started out with pics like this...

Okay before you even talk about me being a dork, understand that I have and will always be in love with John Cusack, particularly the John Cusack from such films as Say Anything..., The Sure Thing and High Fidelity.  I'd also post quotes and such that I identified with or inspired me like the one.

Love this quote...guess you'd call it that.  I've always been loved Alice in Wonderland.  The crazier and darker the interpretation the better in my opinion.

Then there was a while there where I started posting things that would get me more followers.  I became obsessed with people liking my "blog".  I started posting things like old classic hollywood starlets and movies or television shows that were popular and would get me more followers.  You wouldn't believe how many people love old movies and all that goes with them.  But, when I only posted things from classic hollywood, one of my friends commented to me that I wasn't be true to myself, that I should go back to posting things I really enjoyed.  So I did.  I started posting things I loved.  Among other things, I posted musicians I loved growing up and still inspire me today.  I posted their songs and images of them that I loved.

Then I discovered GIFS...which a basically moving images from films, videos and such.  I wanted to create my own, to learn how so I could post things I loved left and right. I created a new tumblr blog that was dedicated to only 80s movies and the soundtracks from those movies.  With this blog, I had nearly a thousand followers. They loved my blog, the pictures I found and created...I thought, dang girl you have one awesome blog...what now?

What good was having such an awesome blog?  Big deal! How much actual thought was I putting into it?  I wasn't saying anything important.  It as meaningless. Just like tending those virtual farms.

It was then I reached the point where I realized I was spending way too much time on tumblr, making too many pictures, devoting way too much time.  I didn't delete it...yet.  But I plan to, I really do.  I'm just having a hard time. I mean I have nearly 1000 followers.  But enough about tumblr...

I reached a point where I thought, geez I have to find something that I enjoy doing but I don't have to do all the time.  Something I can take a break from for weeks at a time and then just go back to.  Something I can do a little or as much as I want.  And that's when I guessed it...Pinterest.

And it does make me happy.  I pin things that I think, damn, now THAT'S a cute outfit.  Or I pin things I think, now that looks good, I'd love to make that...someday.  Or I pin things I think, wouldn't it be cool if I was that crafty and made really awesome things like this. Ha! I have actually come to the realization that I probably won't wear, make, or cook a third of the things I repin on Pinterest, but dang it, I want options right?

  For instance, I want to plan a big party for Jude's 5th birthday. I have found so many ideas of things I want to do to give Jude the best Star Wars theme party I can put together.  That's only if Jude loves Star Wars just as much in October 2012 as he does in February of 2012.  Ha...we shall see.

I have cooked a few things from Pinterest.  And I am currently planning and putting together crafty Valentines I found on Pinterest.  Whoo hoo! Go me!

Yes...I will admit it.  I am not afraid to admit that I am once again obsessed.  But the difference is I go into it knowing this.  And I am smarter about it this time. I know that Pinterest is a land of "coulda, woulda, shouldas".   I just hope that some of this inspirations I've found actually become reality, that I actually do some of the things I see and think I want to do on Pinterest.  I get "inspired" by so much on there.  I get inspired to lose weight.  To cook healthier choices.  To exercise like I should.  To build. To redo. To refurbish. To learn how to knit.  To spend time doing great things with my son and husband. I am actually hoping, with all the tips of how to do some of these things, maybe I someday will do these things.  Wish me luck.'s to 2012...and resolving to do some of the stuff I repin on Pinterest.  Hopefully the more important stuff...the stuff that matters.  

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