Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Because I Can...

Well I did it...I created my first "recreation" of something I found on Pinterest.  Sorry, for those of you who could care less about Pinterest.  I promise all of my posts will NOT be about it.  But, nonetheless, I am pretty proud of myself and my creative (would you call it that since I basically took someone else's idea?) skills. 

Anyway, Jude has a Valentine's Day party at Preschool today, and for a while now I've been thinking that I want to do something more fun and creative than just random Batman, Spiderman or Cars Valentines from Wal-Mart with a piece of candy or a sucker.  There are so many wonderful ideas on there and even free printables (which I plan to try later).  I finally went with this cute little "bear hug" Valentine idea. 

I bought the following items:
  • Plastic Valentine Bags
  • Red Ribbon (could even be ribbon you have on hand at home already)
  • Teddy Grahams (I bought two boxes for about ten kiddos)
  • Gummy Bears (two small bags or even one big bag should be enough)
  • Card Stock (which I cut with the help of my mother-in-law's Cricket, but you could go even simpler with a heart shape or even squares)
  • Markers or Colored Pins
  • Optional: Cutouts for eyes and mouth or even Valentines stickers (hearts)
I think they turned out pretty cute.  After getting this little crafty idea under my belt, it makes me excited about future crafting activities for Jude's birthday and holidays like Easter, Halloween, Christmas and such. 

Let me know if you try this or a variation of it and your thoughts!

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